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Asena Infographic

DerivativeTech's Asena platform delivers Adaptive Security Governance through artificial intelligence, to rise above reactions and provide strategic guidance to help CISOs make better decisions and stay ahead of what's next.


Asena Solution Brief

Keep your security team from drowning in technical metrics. Help them gather data on program health, connect it with business impact and deliver against roadmap that stays ahead of what's next.


Measure Security Maturity

The best insight into the health of an information security organization comes from intuitive metrics like maturity, which informs how security concerns align with business threats and objectives


Moving to Cloud

No matter which cloud path you choose - public, private, hybrid - your organization remains responsible for data security; here's how you can begin to address common cloud security problems.


Getting Cyberinsurance

Cyberinsurance is not a remedy for security program weaknesses; it's another tool for reducing organizational risk & works best when applied in a targeted way; know what to look for.